Things a fresher should always follow during interview.


Getting a job is all for which we do all types of efforts in our academic career. Everyone has dream of getting a job in good company with high paid salary. Students work hard day and night to get a good job. Now days being a fresher it’s a bit difficult to get job. Everywhere there is preference for experienced persons. Still there are lots of opportunities for fresher.

Being a fresher your efforts must be double to crack an interview. There are certain tricks and rules that HR normally marks and can impress them. Those are very easy tricks and you can implement it in your day to day life. Below mentioned are some of the very important rules that every fresher must know.

  1. Your Getup : It’s the most important thing that HR mark on at first glance of yours. You might have heard that first impression is last impression. Yes it works a lot in this stage. You must be properly dressed up with well polished shoes and combed hair. Always try to reach interview point with clean shave. Must have a handkerchief with you always and don’t forget the tie.
  2. A pen in your shirt pocket : Never forget to take a pen with you. Its an impression maker. It adds weight to your personality and also boost your moral.
  3. Ever reach the interview destination before time : While going to attend an interview never get hurry up. Do all your work casually. Prepare your self with a smooth mind and leave for interview. Ever try to reach the destination before time. It will stable your mind and boost your confidence.
  4. Always answer up to point : During interview always try to answer things up to the point. This will be calculated as your confidence level. If you answer more then things asked to you then you will be considered as an over confident person. This will hamper your profile a lot.
  5. Ever ask the HR before sitting in front of them : While entering before the interview panel properly knock the door, take permission and enter the room. Before taking a sit ask the HR panel infront of you. Once they permit you to sit then only make yourself comfortable. Its calculated as your manners.
  6. Ever try to give answer verbally : When a HR ask you any question then always try to answer them verbally. Avoid writing things. This will make them understand better and they will judge your convincing ability.
  7. Don’t bluff in interview : During the interview session if you face a question about which you didn’t have any idea then never buff things. They will mark it. It will be calculated as you are a cheater and will do the same after being hired.
  8. After the interview is over greet the HR and thanks them : After your interview is over properly stand up from your place. Greet the HR panel. Try to shake hands with them and thanks them for giving opportunity to sit infront of them. Always try to mention one word that I am thankful for this wonderful interview session. I learned a lot from this. It will calculated as a plus point in your personality.

These are the basic few things that you can remember very easily and can implement those. Apart from those your skills and study will help you to crack the interview. Always be positive and hope for the best. Work hard and you will get your destination.

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