Haapy Ganesh Chaturthi


Dear Employers. Job Seekers & Well-wishers,

Ganesh Chaturthi is a Hindu festival celebrating the birth of Lord Shri Ganesh. Generally, it falls in the month of August or September as per our Hindu Calendar.  This year it has fallen on 2nd September 2019.  The festival is marked with the installation of Shri Ganesh clay idol privately in the homes or in public or in various organizations. Perceptions incorporate reciting of Vedic Mantras with and Hindu messages, for example, supplications or Vrata. By and large, the celebration finishes on the seventh day of beginning, when the icon is conveyed in an open parade with reverential music and after that drenched in a close-by lake or stream or ocean. The celebration observes Lord Ganesh as the divine force of a fresh start and the remover of hindrances just as the God of shrewdness and insight and is watched all through India. 

However, on this auspicious occasion, the family of Combojobs wishes all our esteemed Employers, Job Seeker and wellwishers a very very Happy Ganesh Chaturthi. Let Lord Ganesh remove all your obstacles and pour His blessings on you forever.



The team of