Top Five Do’s & Do not’s for job seekers while attending any interview


We all know that unemployment is a very crucial issue nowadays.  It is increasing day by day.  There may be a minimum of one vacancy to two, three or four vacancies, etc. and for which aspirants are in the number of thousands. But ultimately out of hundreds or thousands only one or two or three, etc. candidates get the job.  Why? What is the reason?  Of course, a company cannot accommodate all the job aspirants for a single post; and it is true that only that number of job seekers will get the job as per the vacancy that exists in that company, not all. 

However,  in order to get selected for a job, certain steps are there to be followed, which most of the job seekers are not aware of, mainly at the time of attending any interview for a job, what to do & not, how to be prepared for the interview, self-presentation, etc. are very vital things.  Hence, we will now discuss in short the top five Do’s & Do not’s for all our job seekers while attending an interview.  These are given below for your guidance:

  1. Get your homework done:

Get yourself prepared before attending an interview. Start research about the details of the company in which you are going to attend the interview. First of all visit their company website, thoroughly visit each and every page of the website, more particularly visit the page ‘About Us’, in which you will get the complete details of that particular company; so that you can gain a certain knowledge about that company, which in return will help you in answering any questions if asked to you by the interview board, about their company. Make yourself aware of the position for which you have applied, i.e. what will be your nature of duties, etc. If possible try to get some details about your interviewers, including their career history, what achievements they have made during their career, in which position they are in that company, etc. Besides this, you should also get yourself prepared about your academic career, past experience (if any, and if you have any past experience of similar type of jobs, then also get yourself acquainted with complete details of your past jobs, because definitely or maybe, they might ask you about your past job details). Also, you have to gather a piece of thorough knowledge of your city, state, country, current affairs, etc.

  1. Impress the interview board

We all know that impression is the most vital part of the interview. You should reach the venue of the interview as per the schedule (even before the time fixed for the interview). Keep all your documents ready relating to your educational qualification, technical qualification, etc. along with experience certificates of the past job (if you have done any job earlier). Dress up yourself properly. At the time of entering to the interview room ask for the permission of the interview board, by knocking the door of the room, and when you will be offered the chair to sit, say “thank you sir/madam”.Then politely start answering to the questions asked by the interview board. If you do not know any answer, then politely admit that. Never bluff any question.

  1. First, listen then speak, also do not speak over the interviewer

Generally what happens that when you are being interviewed, you do not listen properly the question being asked by the interview board member and put your answer incorrectly, as a result of which the board member gets disappointed, since your answer is not as per the question. This type of situation happens only due to your fastness in listening. So, please be careful while the interviewer is putting his question to you and listen carefully. Similarly, your answer to the question should be ‘to the point’ and it should be clear.

Further, please do not speak over the interviewer or in other words please do not try to talk over the questioner. It is imperative to be a decent audience just as a decent talker. It demonstrates that you are conscious and have solid relational aptitudes. Listen properly and respond accordingly.

  1. Never talk inadequately about your present or previous employer

Always keep in mind that your present or previous employer has given a chance to you to work with them and in return you have received your remuneration and also have gained some experience, which gives a good mileage to you for your future career development; hence if you speak something against your previous or present employer, then your remarks on the previous or present employer will be a negative marking against you. Since, the interviewer will assume that tomorrow when you will leave him and go to another employer, then you might also give some negative statement about them. So, never talk anything negative about your either present or previous employer.

  1. Put forth your Strengths before the interviewer

Your strengths constitute a very vital point for increasing the chances to be selected. Hence, you should express your strength before the interviewer accurately and in a concise manner. Further, if you have any questions, about the job for which you are being interviewed, then you can ask the interviewer, only with their permission.