How Job Portals Are Changing Careers Of Job Seekers?


Past days job portals play a very important role between job providers and job seekers. It’s a platform where job seekers can get the number of choices of exploring their skills and abilities as per their need. In job portals, job seekers get the number of option and choices to search different jobs posted by different companies. They can search for the desired job for which they are instead and apply it. Within no time and limitation is sent to the job provider and they will initiate the process of recruitment. It is quite different from traditional job applying process. You have to individually visit the company website and find out whether they have recruitment or not. If they have recruitment then for what position and for what skills. In past days, when you have to visit door to door companies and drop your resume and wait for their responses. The traditional way is long time taking and also not accurate. Here you didn't have to option to directly communicate with the HR. You also don’t get the exact job description or recruitment. So that you will be bounded to a certain geographical area. You can explore your skills out of your physical searchable area.

On the other hand, online job portals give you a wide range of accessibility and choices. You can apply to companies far away from you. From the initial phase, you get all the job description and other details. You can directly apply for any job. You don’t have to make Xerox copy of your resume and drop it from door to door. Only once you have to create your profile and it will be visible to every job provider to whom you applied. On the other hand job provider searching for skilled people like you. Also, search your profile by your skill which you have mentioned in your profile. It’s a two-way communication in which you search the job provider or the job providers search you. The mode of communication will be either over email or phone. Things should be transparent and will take less time to finalize.

Nowadays job portal made the whole process of recruitment very easy and simple. Just you have to create a profile and explore different jobs. Your profile will be the mirror of your skills and abilities. Once you update your profile and it can be viewed by thousands of job provider. They will search your profile and will contact you within very less time the chances of getting the perfect job is very high. Each and every information regarding the job process will be planed over email and phone. This will be made the total process easier and simpler.

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